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Welcome to the Online Registration Platform of the ISF World Seed Congress 2023!

5-7 June 2023 - Cape Town, South Africa

Should you need clarification do not hesitate to contact the ISF World Seed Congress 2023 Registration Department c/o K.I.T. Group

Hotline: +49 (0)30 24 603-236
Email:  isfwsc@kit-group.org

Please make sure that you have read all the information below BEFORE starting the process of your registration request:

1. You have visited the WSC 2023 website and are aware of the registration conditions.

2. All registrations must be done in English.

3. All fields with (*) are mandatory and need to be completed to go to the next step of your registration.

4. Do not use your browser's return/forward button to move from one section to another, use the back or next button at the end of each page to skip a section that is not relevant to you or to return to a section that you wish to change.

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You can ONLY register on-line as a Delegate if you are:
– a representative of an ISF Member (Ordinary, Associate or Affiliate)
– an employee of a company that is a member of the National Seed Association in your country of residence. This National Seed Association must be an ISF Ordinary Member.